Jolling de Pree joined De Brauw in 1992. He heads the competion and regulation practice of the firm and specialises in EU competition law, energy and telecommunications. His previous experiences in mergers and acquisitions strongly enhance his current practice, particularly his representing companies in international cartel investigations and in merger cases. His clients include leading European energy companies, such as Royal Dutch Shell, Electrabel, Centrica, NAM and Royal KPN. Jolling de Pree has wide experience in litigating before the European Court of Justice and national courts. He is noted for his “business sense, drive, creativity and never-give-up mentality.“ Through his involvement in international cartel investigations and cross-border M&A transactions, he has established a network of contacts with experts working for first tier law firms in all major jurisdictions outside the Netherlands. He lectures on EU and Dutch competition law at the Dutch Company Lawyers Association and is editor in chief of one of the leading competition law journals, Actualiteiten Mededingingsrecht, and of the treatise on competition law Tekst en Commentaar Mededingingswet. He regularly appears in parliament as an expert advising on competition policy issues. Jolling de Pree has published collections on energy law and regulation (Energy Law, SdU 2008/2009) and competition law and regulation (Competition Law, SdU 2008). He also speaks at conferences on competition law and energy law issues.

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