Tran Van Dung Stinga (Paris)


Tran Van Dung is founder and President of Adanam Technology, an innovative company specializing in the field of data protection and blockchain: The company has been awarded the 14th National Competition for the Creation of Innovative Enterprises of the Ministry of Research and BPI France (Public Investment Bank). He successively held technical and commercial positions at Apple Computer, and general management in the Digital Services Company and SoQware companies. He then devoted himself to entrepreneurship on the Internet. In 1995, he founded and then headed the Start-up Dune Concept, which he then sold to an IT group. Serial entrepreneur, he shows, in his career, his commitment in more than one way: in IT development for companies and participate in the development of infrastructure to the benefit from one country, Vietnam, where he chaired an international investment company, between 2008 and 2012.

2021 Compliance

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