Matthew Boswell Agency Steering Committee Canadian Competition Bureau (Gatineau)


Matthew Boswell was appointed Commissioner of Competition on March 5, 2019, for a five-year term. Mr. Boswell first joined the Bureau in January 2011 as Associate Deputy Commissioner, Criminal Matters. In 2012, he became Senior Deputy Commissioner, Cartels and Deceptive Marketing Practices. In July 2017, he began a one-year assignment as Senior Deputy Commissioner, Mergers and Monopolistic Practices. As a Senior Deputy Commissioner, Mr. Boswell led numerous merger reviews and directed major investigations targeting criminal cartels, abuse of dominance and deceptive marketing practices. Before joining the Bureau, Mr. Boswell was Senior Litigation Counsel in the Enforcement Branch at the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC), where he primarily prosecuted securities fraud and related matters. Prior to his work at the OSC, Mr. Boswell was an Assistant Crown Attorney in Toronto with the Ministry of the Attorney General of Ontario. As a Crown Attorney, he prosecuted all types of criminal offences. Mr. Boswell has also worked in private practice and began his legal career at a Toronto law firm.

2021 Compliance

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