Hung-Hao Chang received his Ph.D in Applied Economics and Management from Cornell University in 2006. In 2006, he joined Department of Agricultural Economics at National Taiwan University (NTU) as an assistant professor, and had been promoted as a full professor in 2014. His research interest focuses on the evaluation of agricultural and public policy, farm household economics, food consumption and economic analysis of competition law with special interests on digital economy. He is currently the managing editor for Agricultural and Resource Economics Review, an associated editor for Agricultural Economics. He was the associate editor for Applied Economics Perspectives and Policy. Between April 2015 and June 2018, he joined Taiwan Fair Trade Commission (TFTC) as a commissioner. In TFTC, he was in charge of international affairs and promoting economic analysis in the agency and attended OECD, ICN, EATOP, and OECD-ICN chief economist workshop as a country representative. He also served as the organizer and program chair in TFTC’s annual outreach programs in South Asian countries.

2021 Compliance

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