Bird & Bird

1. The Dawn Raid App is a compliance tool designed to guide companies through the essential information needed in the event of a dawn raid by antitrust authorities. It includes a checklist of information for before, during and after a dawn raid and the subsequent investigation, including key information about your obligations and rights to ensure that your business cooperates fully, whilst minimising disruption and protecting your company’s legal position. The app also features a list of frequently asked questions and emergency contacts.

2. The Dawn Raid Game is a free online game that tests organisation’s preparedness for a dawn raid investigation by competition authorities. The interactive game takes 15-20 minutes and positions the player as an in-house lawyer who is at work when a dawn raid occurs. While playing the game, employees test their existing knowledge of how to react in certain situations and learn about what to expect during an investigation. The game demonstrates Bird & Bird’s commitment to innovative client-facing technology and is part of the firm’s wider Compliance & Investigations offering, which includes a Dawn Raid app and eLearning courses on Competition Law topics.

3. The interactive eLearning courses use plain language that non-lawyers can easily understand and include a variety of interactive elements to keep users engaged, which can serve as a good complement to the existing compliance training programme.

4. The Dawn Raid Management tool is a user-friendly tool that simplifies the stressful process of managing a surprise investigation and guides users through the process, ensuring secure communication (including with external counsel) and a coordinated approach in case of a dawn raid. This tool was created in collaboration with SafeREACH, a company that makes reliable alarm systems to cope safely with crises and incidents. It basically consists of a red-button alarm system and an app that are activated by the receptionists in the event of a surprise investigation by competition authorities. The tool has an annual subscription fee, and the content is customizable (i.e. in case of a dawn raid, when the investigators arrive, the receptionist presses one button on their desktop, and the client decides who, inside and outside their company, immediately receives the alarm on their mobiles through the app – CEO, GC, external counsel, etc). A secure internal chatroom, instructions on what to do next, and customized checklists and guidelines are immediately available to the persons contacted through the app.